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"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride."  ~John F. Kennedy


Chan Ofan makes bicycle riders stop at your place


Over the last years, more and more Israelis use bicycles as a mean of transport. The number of bicycle riders increases worldwide. After all, many recognize the advantages bicycle riding offers: health and fitness, convenience, cost effectiveness, environmental protection, and simple pleasure. The number of cyclists worldwide and in Israel is expected to keep on growing over the next years.


Chan Ofan Ltd. is the first Israeli company truly specializing in the planning, manufacturing and supplying of unique bicycle racks. Since the company was established in 2006, Chan Ofan provides cyclists with safe and comfortable bicycle parking facilities throughout the country. The different rack models, manufactured by Chan Ofan, allow customers to choose a customized design and different levels of safety and robustness.


Having bicycle racks placed in front of businesses and offices make such places more accessible and attractive for the rapidly growing community of bicycle riders. It also allows employees or customers to get to their place of work or business without having to look for a car parking place, which is often time consuming, simply annoying and even cost expensive. Besides the obvious convenience of having a place to park the bike, the public considers the supply of bicycle racks by businesses and organizations as a green service. This automatically and positively effects the reputation of the business or organization.


The new generation of bicycle racks, offered by Chan Ofan, tremendously upgrades the experience of convenient bicycle parking. The new generation of bicycle racks needs no maintenance for many years, they are customized by design and available space, and they are safe for the cyclist community and their bicycles. Bicycle racks that were manufactured before the establishment of Chan Ofan did not take convenience into account and sometimes even damaged the bicycle frame or tire – and because of that Chan Ofan recommends renewing older bicycle racks.


Since Chan Ofan was established in 2006, the company planned and delivered smart bicycle parking solutions to leading companies, businesses, and organizations from the public, commercial and industrial sectors.


Some of our customers include: Municipalities and local authorities, such as Tel Aviv, Kefar Saba, Herzliya, Beer Sheva and many more; Commercial Centers and Shopping Malls throughout the entire country, such as  Ayalon Mall– Ramat Gan, Renanim Mall– Raanana, Arim Mall– Kefar Saba; Education and Cultural Centers, such as schools, youth and sport centers; House and Building committees and holding companies; Israel Railways; Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel; Delek Dor Alon energy company; Israel Museum in Jerusalem; Aroma Espresso Bar; Bank Leumi; ZIM Integrated Shipping Services; TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries, and more.



For more information, please contact the Chan Ofan Team:


1 Reshit Hohma St.

Tel-Aviv  66530, Israel

Tel. +972.77.530.5020

Fax +972.77.530.5021


We are always at your services.
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